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It is composed of two materials Glass Bubbles from 3M with a vacuum and Airgel. These materials are combined to create a heat-reflecting product. Aero-Therm interior wall variant was developed in collaboration with an EN-17025 certified laboratory that specializes in building materials. It has energy-saving properties and is certified according to the European standard EN-12381, which is known in the Netherlands as NEN-EN12831. The product will reflect heat from the surfaces.

In addition, a fire-resistant variant of Aero-Therm has been developed, which meets the legal requirements for residential groups and hospitals. This variant has been tested according to the EN 13501 standard, which is known in the Netherlands as NEN-EN13501. The test results show that the variant does not actively contribute to the spread of fire, that it cannot catch fire (a2 class), that there is no smoke development (s1 class) and that it results in no burning droplets (d0 class).

The pre-treatment of Aero-Therm is provided by priming Aero-therm or similar material. With KEIM interior paint you get a great result, called Innostar. KEIM paint is qualified as a2,s1,d0 for fire safety and has been tested for robustness and color fastness according to the DIN EN 13300 standard. It is certified for use in projects that must comply with BREEAM WELL and LEAN. The KEIM paints have a 20-year color guarantee and offer protection against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi due to the high pH value of the material, which also meets the high standards in the field of energy saving, fire safety and health.

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